At the unlikely age of twelve, Alexandria Moseley apprenticed to a master goldsmith in Chicago. Years later, after a successful career as an international securities trader, she returned to her first love and studied classical jewellery fabrication in Europe. Alexandria earned a degree in Jewellery Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and established her own company in 1993. Her debut collection at the International Jewellers of America Show in New York in 1995 won her the top honours in her profession: New Designer of the Year.

Now London-based, her limited-edition collections, one-of-a-kind masterpieces, and private commissions are available through select galleries worldwide and by appointment.



The daughter of an Egyptian mother and a father from America’s Deep South, her designs reflect influences as rich and varied as her roots. Her fascination with the images and lore of the world’s mythologies is life long. You can find Medusa’s snaky tresses, Nike’s winged feet, or Aphrodite’s voluptuous breasts stylized in her creations.

She’s equally inspired by the exquisite shapes and graceful movement evident in another of her passions: marine biology and the creatures of the sea. There are stylised sea monsters, urchins and jellyfish parading with cascading diamonds, lustrous pearls, and insect parts.

Other collections channel the spirits of medieval weaponry, or the serenity of fossils. She strives for originality, timelessness and mastery of materials.